Twitter now lets you record Spaces on Android, iOS

Twitter has been going big with its Spaces feature that lets people get involved in audio-only chatrooms with their followers. The feature also now has its own dedicated button in the Twitter app’s bottom ribbon. Now, the platform is rolling out a new feature that will let you go back to Spaces once they’ve ended.

Twitter is now enabling Spaces to be recorded. However, only the hosts of a Space will be able to record it. A new record toggle was spotted being tested on the iOS app for Twitter back in October, but now the feature is coming to all Android and iOS users.

Twitter announced the feature with a tweet from its official handle. Check it out below.

Just like with Zoom, Twitter will show a visual indicator to all members in the space to let them know if a particular Space is being recorded. The recording will be available for 30 days after a Space has ended, during which the host can access it.

As pointed out by XDA Developers, Twitter already kept the audio files for Spaces in its servers, which users could access prior to this feature by requesting an archive of your account information. However, this could take hours or days, in contrast to the new recording feature which allows you access immediately after a Space has ended.

The recording feature is only available for the Twitter iOS and Android apps. The Twitter web app on both desktop and mobile still cannot be used to record Spaces, or even create them.

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