Fortnite is coming back to iOS via GeForce Now: Here’s how

A battle between Apple and Epic Games led to Fortnite being taken down from the App Store last year. This left Fortnite players on iOS with no official way to play the game and keep up with the latest in-game events. However, the game is now officially back to iOS, although things aren’t as simple as downloading the game from the app store.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service is bringing Fortnite to both Android and iOS via a closed beta starting next week. This will let players simply open up GeForce Now on the Safari browser and stream the game to play it. Note that just like with any cloud gaming service. So you will require a powerful device and a fast internet connection for a smooth experience.

The registration for the beta was opened by Nvidia on January 13 and interested users can visit the Nvidia website to sign up for the same.

GeForce Now will be available via browsers on Android and iOS, allowing players to play many games without having to download and install them first. Fortnite, in particular, is expected to come to the GeForce Now platform sometime next week.

The experience of playing Fortnite is expected to not be as smooth as the official app, at least in these early stages. However, Nvidia has said that it is closely working with Epic Games to make the game’s controls more touch-friendly. So, expect the title to get better with time.

Note that not everyone will make it into the beta program immediately, but it could be accepting more users over time, so keep trying if you don’t get it at once.

Meanwhile, things are much easier for Android users, who can simply sideload the Fortnite APK from the official website to play the game, or stream it via the official GeForce Now app, available on the Play Store in select regions.

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