CES 2022: Intel announces 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs and more

Intel has unveiled its entire lineup of 12th Gen ‘Alder Lake’ laptop CPUs at CES 2022. The new processors were announced for all segments. These include some high-end H-series processors set to make it to some gaming laptops and creator laptops from next month. Meanwhile, some the new P-series and U-series variants will hit thin and light laptops later in 2022. Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs are manufactured on the 10nm process.

Intel i9-12900HK

Intel announced its powerful i9-12900HK that features 6 performance cores and eight efficiency cores with 20 threads. Intel claims the new processor is the “fastest mobile processor ever created” and “the world’s best mobile gaming platform”.

The processor clocks a maximum frequency of 5Ghz and 2.5GHz on the performance and efficiency cores respectively. With a base power rating of 45W, the processor can go up to 115W. The Intel i9-12900HK also comes with an integrated GPU with 96 execution units and a claimed 28 per cent boost in gaming performance.

Other CPUs

Intel also launched the Core i9-12900H, Core i7-12800H, and Core i7-12700H which come with the same number of core counts as the i9-12900HK. The company also announced the Core i7-12650H which offers six performance cores and four efficiency cores.

Meanwhile, the Intel Core i5-12600H and Core i5-12500H come with four performance cores and eight efficiency cores, and the Core i5-12450H has four cores for each.

Intel P-series and U-series

Intel also announced new P-series CPUs that will power thin and light laptops this year. There are six new models from the new Core i7-1280P to the Core i3-1220P. These will feature six, four, or two performance cores with eight efficiency cores along with integrated graphics. These processors will operate between 45W and 64W.

Intel’s new U-series processors include the Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 processors along with the Pentium Gold and Celeron chips. These processors will operate between 9W and 29W or 15W and 55W and will power ultra-portable devices including foldable and fan-less devices.

Socketed desktop CPUs

Intel has also announced 22 new models from the Pentium and Celeron processors to the higher-end Core i9 processors in its 12th gen non-overclockable chips portfolio for desktop computers.

Intel Evo and Intel vPro

Intel’s Evo standard has been updated with third-generation specifications. This year, Intel Evo devices will also include foldable devices. The company claims that over 100 new Alder Lake designs are on the way from laptop-makers and will feature Intel Evo certification.

The Intel Evo badge is a standard for certain performance parameters including display quality, connectivity features, battery life, and charging speed. The Intel vPro platform will now also get new Enterprise and Essential tiers that will target large and small businesses.

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