3 Wordle alternatives to try after guessing the word of the day

One of the best things about Wordle is the fact that it gives you only one puzzle per day to maintain its social aspect, where everyone can compete against each other. The fact that the game offers just one puzzle per day also means that those who get one word before you don’t get a headstart and everyone starts the same every 24 hours.

However, this also happens to be one of the game’s arguably worst aspects because more often than not, you will be able to solve the word of the day in a few minutes. And then you have to wait a whole day for the next word.

So here are a few alternative Wordle-like games, spotted first by The Verge, that you can play either for practice or simply to kill more time. Check out our list below.

Hello Wordl – Wordle with extra perks

Hello Wordle is just like Wordle, except you need not wait a full day for a new word after guessing the last one. You can play with a new word immediately. But that’s not it. Hello Wordl also lets you change the number of letters to guess. So, you could also be guessing 6-letter words, or 10-letter words. Note that the number of chances, however, is still capped at six so turning up the number of letters will also get exponentially harder.

Absurdle – A much more difficult Wordle

Absurdle is just as difficult as it sounds. The game tweaks the rules as you get more guesses, and changes the word entirely based on the correct letters you guessed. However, as compensation, you will get an infinite number of chances to solve the puzzle.

For instance, if the word to guess is TIGER and you instead guess CRATE, Absurdle will note the correct letters, the T, R and E, and change the word from TIGER to something like STERN where the positions of the correct letter are now shuffled. Yes, you will need longer to solve this version of the game.

Sweardle – Wordle, but with swear words

Sweardle is the version of Wordle your parents would disapprove of immediately. You have six chances to guess the four-lettered word of the day, except it is not going to be regular words. Instead, you will be guessing swear words. Time to put the swear-jar efforts to some good use.

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